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MENASOL 2014 – 6TH Middle East and North Africa Solar Conference and Expo

6-7 May, Dubai

Solar opportunities in the MENA region

CSP Today’s Middle East and North Africa Summit will bring together the global, regional and national solar stakeholders targeting the MENA region. The vast abundance of solar resource as well as the strong national economies in this region places it as the largest, fastest growing and most lucrative emerging market for CSP technology. The conference will focus on how to successfully position your business in this exciting market through crucial partnerships that will help your company secure a bid in the government tenders.

MENASOL 2014 is the only event with two independent tracks for CSP and PV dedicated to the commercial development of CSP and PV projects in the MENA region. With a reputation of excellence and an unrivalled speaker line-up and agenda, this conference is anticipated to attract over 300 CSP experts and 200 PV experts in Dubai in 2014.

The focus of the two day conference will be:

  • Updates on how to align your CSP technology with MENA’s incentives and pricing to win RFPs for your project
  • Evaluate the cost of exciting new markets by learning about the regulatory, financial and climatic conditions from the important government officials
  • Engage with utilities and developers working in the region such as ACWA Power and Abengoa to understand their CSP project requirements, prove reliability and win more projects
  • The off grid opportunities – learn how CSP technology can be used for desalination and Enhanced oil recovery and how this can benefit your company
  • Updates on the key markets for CSP in MENA: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Morocco

How is MENASOL different to other solar energy conferences in your calendar?

CSP Today has a track record across the globe in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East – with unparalleled knowledge of the industry. This conference focuses on real strategies to commercialise CSP, both from a technical perspective and also in acquiring investment and project finance. The conference will go into more detail on opportunities in markets with the most potential at the moment, such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Morocco, and provide a comparison between them to help CSP developers and system manufacturers focus their efforts on the most lucrative opportunities.

Key attendance benefits:

  • 500 senior executives attending from across the international CSP value chain
  • Leading technology and solution providers in the only CSP focused exhibition
  • Networking – talking with utilities, developers, EPCs, technology providers and key stakeholders

Who’s attending the leading CSP Today MENASOL conference this year?

The conference attracts senior level executives across the CSP value chain, such as project developers, utilities and investors, providing them with crucial and specific information to plan and grow effectively.
MENASOL 2013 speakers included:

Antonio Jiménez Manzorro, Business Development Director, Saudi Arabia , Abengoa Solar
Kevin Sara, CEO, NUR Energie
Kelly Beninga, CCO, Skyfuel
Bill Gould, Chief Technology Officer, Solar Reserve
Abdulaziz Alobaidli, Process Performance Engineer, Shams Power Company

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World Energy Day marks the beginning of the solar park project in Dubai

His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai commissioned the first phase of Dubai’s mega solar park named after him today, on World Energy Day.

The first of its kind project in the region started feeding 13MW of energy to the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority’s (DEWA) network through photovoltaic technology, generating 24 million KWh of electricity per year.

The next phase of the plant was also launched today, which will produce 100MW through public-private partnership. The second phase will be completed in three years.

Upon total completion of the plant by 2030, the solar plant will have a power production capacity of 1000MW.


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ZTE provides green energy solutions in Africa

ZTE Corporation is launching five stories at GITEX Technology Week 2013, about advances the company has made in building business in South Africa, public safety systems worldwide, green energy, enterprise telecommunications devices, and networking.

ZTE is a global provider of telecommunications equipment, network solutions and mobile devices, is working with governments and enterprises across 15 African countries, including Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Niger, to deploy the use of renewable solar energy. The company is committed to corporate social responsibility and is a member of the UN Global Compact.

ZTE is providing governments and business with the means to meet local power needs for households, communication systems and mobile power sources, bringing light and telecoms to thousands of homes and businesses throughout the African continent. The projects involve a variety of ZTE’s green energy products and solutions, including solar lighting systems, mobile solar power systems, solar power for telecommunications base stations and solar power for household lighting systems.

“The solar street lighting project constructed by ZTE is one of the best renewable energy projects that exists in Niger,” said Mr. Oumarou Dogari Moumouni, the former mayor of Niamey, the capital of Niger.

Africa suffers from constant power shortages leaving more than 580 million people to light their homes with kerosene lamps that are harmful to both their health and the environment. Fortunately, Africa’s natural resources mean that it has a great source of renewable energy from the sun, and solar power is safe, reliable and low cost, making it an ideal alternative for countries suffering from energy shortages.

“ZTE’s cooperation with governments and businesses throughout Africa is providing both economic and social benefits across the region. We are helping African countries maximise the power of their local resources and use renewable energy in a number of innovative ways,” said Wang Yiwen, ZTE CTO of Government and Enterprise business in the Middle East and Africa region.

In recent years, ZTE has developed its enterprise business and increased its investment in the field of renewable energy. ZTE can provide a full range of products and solutions, including solar lighting, household solar power, solar-powered water supply systems, and solar power generation systems. It has become the most successful Chinese enterprise in the markets of energy and accessory products and an integrated-power solution provider with global service capabilities. The company has provided services for telecommunications operators and industrial customers in more than 160 countries and regions, and has provided renewable energy of over 300 megawatt through more than 75 operators and industrial customers in 52 countries.

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Solar panels soon available at IKEA

Swedish flat-pack furniture giant IKEA will start selling residential solar panels at its stores in Britain, the first step in its plan to bring renewable energy to the mainstream market worldwide.

The company started selling solar panels made by China’s Hanergy in its store in Southampton on Monday. It will sell them in the rest of Britain in coming months, it said.

A standard, all-black 3.36 kilowatt system for a semi-detached home will cost 5,700 British pounds ($9,200) and will include an in-store consultation and design service as well as installation, maintenance and energy monitoring service.

“In the past few years the prices on solar panels have dropped, so it’s a really good price now,” IKEA Chief Sustainability Officer Steve Howard told The Associated Press. “It’s the right time to go for the consumers.”

The solar panel investment will be paid off in about seven years for an average home owner in Britain, Howard said.

“If you are going to be in your house that long, your energy will be free after seven years,” he said.

Some retailers in the U.S., including the Home Depot and Lowe’s, already sell solar panels. But in other parts of the world, consumers often have to research a myriad specialist firms before making a purchase.

Howard said IKEA aims to launch the products in other countries eventually. It picked Britain as its test market because it has the right combination of mid-level electricity prices and government-sponsored financial incentives that make investing in solar energy attractive to consumers.

“This is a market by market decision,” he said.

The U.K. government offers private solar panel owners the opportunity to sell back electricity to the grid on days when they have surplus production and has a financing plan for solar power investments, which means residents can buy a system for no upfront cost and pay it off gradually.


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World’s largest solar plant goes live

Testing confirms operational readiness of California solar thermal project

NRG Energy, Inc. (NYSE:NRG), through its wholly owned subsidiary NRG Solar, announced on Tuesday (September 24) that the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System produced its first output of energy when the Unit 1 station was synced to the power grid for the first time.

Engineers say that achieving this critical “first sync” is a major milestone for the project as the test demonstrates the effectiveness of the station’s power tower technology. It includes large heliostats that track the sun throughout the day, solar field integration software and a solar receiver steam generator.

“Given the magnitude and complexity of Ivanpah, it was very important that we successfully complete this milestone showing all systems were on track,” said Tom Doyle, President of NRG Solar. “We couldn’t be more excited about achieving ‘first sync,’ and we share this success with our project partners, BrightSource and Google, as well as Bechtel, which is responsible for engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning on the project.”

Located in California’s Mojave Desert, Ivanpah is the largest solar thermal plant in the world, spanning 3,500 acres of public land. Once fully operational, the 392 megawatt (377 megawatt net) plant will generate enough electricity to power 140,000 homes annually. Ivanpah’s three power tower units will also nearly double the amount of commercial solar thermal energy capacity now operating in the United States.

Power generated from Ivanpah’s initial sync testing will go to Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), which has a power purchase agreement (PPA) for energy produced out of the plant’s Unit 1 station. Power generated from Ivanpah’s Unit 3 station is also sold under a PPA with PG&E, while Unit 2 is under a PPA with Southern California Edison. Proof-of-concept testing will also be conducted at Unit 2 and 3 in the coming months.

“This is yet another major milestone that we have successfully achieved as Ivanpah approaches completion,” said David Ramm, Executive Chairman of BrightSource Energy, Inc. “Ivanpah is the showcase project for BrightSource’s power tower technology and technical expertise. Validation at this scale demonstrates the viability of our technology as BrightSource increases focus on international markets and applications for concentrating solar power.”

“With the cooperation of Ivanpah’s owners, we have been able to bring to life a world-class solar project that will help California meet its renewable energy goals safely and effectively,” said Toby Seay, President of Bechtel’s power global business unit.

Rick Needham is Director of Energy and Sustainability at Google. He said: “At Google we invest in renewable energy projects that have the potential to transform the energy landscape. Ivanpah is one of those projects.

“We’re excited about the project achieving this first sync – a landmark event along the path to completion. Congratulations to the many people who have worked so hard to get this far.”

The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System is one of several NRG assets that are subject to a Right of First Offer Agreement between NRG Energy Inc., and the newly-created NRG Yield, Inc. (NYSE: NYLD).

About NRG and NRG Solar

NRG is leading a customer-driven change in the U.S. energy industry by delivering cleaner and smarter energy choices, while building on the strength of the nation’s largest and most diverse competitive power portfolio. A Fortune 500 company, we create value through reliable and efficient conventional generation while driving innovation in solar and renewable power, electric vehicle ecosystems, carbon capture technology and customer-centric energy solutions. Our retail electricity providers – Reliant, Green Mountain Energy and NRG Residential Solutions – serve millions of residential and commercial customers throughout the country. More information is available at www.nrgenergy.com. Connect with NRG Energy on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @nrgenergy.

NRG, through its subsidiaries including NRG Solar LLC, has more than 2,000 MW of photovoltaic and solar thermal projects in operation, under construction or in development across the southwestern United States. More information is available at www.nrgsolar.com. Connect with NRG Solar on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @nrgsolar.

About BrightSource Energy, Inc.

BrightSource Energy, Inc. provides the world’s premier solar field technology for concentrating solar power systems to deliver reliable clean energy to utilities and industrial companies. For more information on BrightSource Energy please visit www.BrightSourceEnergy.com.

About Google Inc.

Google is a global technology leader focused on improving the ways people connect with information. Google’s innovations in web search and advertising have made its website a top internet property and its brand one of the most recognised in the world.

About Bechtel

Bechtel is among the most respected engineering, project management, and construction companies in the world. We stand apart for our ability to get the job done right—no matter how big, how complex, or how remote. Bechtel operates through five global business units that specialize in civil infrastructure; power generation, communications, and transmission; mining and metals; oil, gas, and chemicals; and government services. Since its founding in 1898, Bechtel has worked on more than 22,000 projects in 140 countries on all seven continents. Today, our 53,000 employees team with customers, partners, and suppliers on diverse projects in nearly 50 countries. For more information about Bechtel visitwww.bechtel.com.



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MiddleEast’s first Solar EOR project

Enclosed trough system from GlassPoint uses the sun’s energy to produce steam for thermal EOR, thereby reducing the need to burn natural gas. Anoop K Menon writes,

Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), the largest producer of oil and gas in Oman, and GlassPoint Solar, a global leader in solar enhanced oil recovery, have successfully commissioned the Middle East’s first solar enhanced oil recovery (EOR) project. By harnessing the sun’s energy with GlassPoint’s Enclosed Trough technology, the solar EOR project produces a daily average of 50 tonnes of emissions free steam that feeds directly into existing thermal EOR operations at PDO’s Amal West field in Southern Oman. The 7MW system is in regular operation and recently passed its first performance acceptance test since coming online, exceeding contracted steam output by 10%. Oil & Gas 73 August/September 2103 “PDO has successfully extended the life of its heavy oil assets by deploying innovative EOR technologies over the past few decades,” says Raoul Restucci, Managing Director of PDO. “The GlassPoint system is proving it can reliably fuel thermal EOR with solar power while reducing the need to burn natural gas. This solar EOR solution provides for an economically viable and environmentally sustainable long term resource to develop Oman’s heavy oil portfolio, while saving valuable natural gas resources for use in other gas dependent industries.” Today, EOR applications account for a significant portion of Oman’s annual natural gas consumption. By incorporating solar steam, PDO can significantly reduce the amount of natural gas it burns to produce steam for EOR. GlassPoint’s solution can cut natural gas used for EOR by up to 80%, helping Oman release its natural gas resources for higher value applications such as power generation, desalination, industrial development or export as LNG. “PDO is widely recognised as the EOR pioneer throughout the Middle East,” says Rod MacGregor, GlassPoint CEO. “Deploying the region’s first solar EOR project further underscores its leadership and commitment to advancing new technologies that will economically expand production of existing reserves.”

“Preliminary results from this project demonstrate that solar steam generated with GlassPoint’s Enclosed Trough architecture is equally effective as natural gas for thermal EOR,” says Dr Syham Bentouati, Head of New Technology Implementation at PDO. “This unit serves as a performance and operational baseline for future solar steam generation projects in Oman, providing us with valuable information for planning potential future large-scale solar steam projects.”
GlassPoint’s unique Enclosed Trough design encloses parabolic mirrors inside a glasshouse structure, protecting the solar collectors from harsh conditions of high wind, dust, dirt, sand and humidity common to Middle East oilfields. The glasshouse enclosure enables the use of ultralight, low-cost reflective materials and proven automated washing equipment, further reducing costs. GlassPoint steam generators are designed to use the same low-quality boiler water as once-through steam generators, the industry’s current standard, eliminating the need for costly water pretreatment. “GlassPoint is committed to generating in-country value by partnering with local contractors and manufacturers,” adds MacGregor.
“More than 40% of the solar installation was fabricated and constructed with the help of Omani companies, and we plan to increase the percentage of local content significantly as we grow throughout the country and region.” Construction on the project began in January 2012 and finished in December 2012. The project was completed on time, on budget and with no Lost Time Injuries in accordance with GlassPoint and PDO’s shared commitment to sound engineering execution and health, safety, security and environment leadership. The Amal project is 27 times larger than GlassPoint’s solar EOR system, installed at Berry Petroleum’s 21Z oilfield in Kern County, California, USA, which has been in daily operation for two years.

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