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Abu Dhabi pushes to become business hub through sustainable growth

MEED, in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Department, announced it will stage the 8th edition of the annual Abu Dhabi Conference from December 8 to 10, to discuss the roadmap and project outline for the emirate’s aspirations to become a global business hub.

In addition to ongoing massive projects in real estate, retail, tourism and transport, Abu Dhabi will award a range of new contracts in 2014 with an estimated value of over $7 billion. These include the $1.8 billion ADWEA – Mirfa IWPP project, the $2.5 billion residential villas project in Musanada – Shamkha South, and the $1 billion Urban Planning Council mixed-used project in the Shahama and Bahia Districts.

As the capital pushes its agenda for sustainable growth, a total of $346.7 billion worth of projects will be implemented from 2016-2030, thus presenting opportunities for contractors and other stakeholders to align their business strategy with Abu Dhabi’s planned developments across critical sectors, including industry and metals, transportation, agriculture, aerospace and technology.

The Abu Dhabi Conference is an annual gathering of government and private sector leaders which enables discussions and updates on upcoming project and investment opportunities in Abu Dhabi’s diverse economy.

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Gigantic project to treat liquid waste

Upcoming project to accommodate water to fill 680 Olympic-size swimming pools a day. Abu Dhabi Comparisons made by the Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company (ADSSC) related to the sewer main tunnel give some idea of the magnitude of the project.

The new sewerage network will have the ultimate capacity to accommodate enough waste water to fill 680 Olympic-size swimming pools a day, that is equivalent to an average flow of 1.7 million cubic metres a day.

The major tunnel in the project has up to 5.5 metre internal diameter that can accommodate a double ducker bus. The length of the 41-kilometre tunnel is equivalent to the distance from Abu Dhabi City to Shahama.

The tunnel is located up to 80 metres deep – equivalent to a 25-storey building underground. The 450,000 cubic metres of concrete used in the deep tunnel can also construct 180 Olympic-size swimming pools full of concrete.

The single pumping station located at the end of the tunnel at Al Wathba on the skirts of the city has the capacity of 30 cubic metres per second, which is enough to fill one Olympic-size swimming pool in one minute.

The wastewater will be moved through the deep tunnel by gravity alone to the centralised water treatment facility at Al Wathba. The waste water will then be treated and reclaimed as treated sewage effluent (TSE) for return to the urban area for irrigation purposes.

About 100% sewage is currently recycled and 60% is reused. The remaining 40% of recycled water is dumped in the sea for lack of infrastructure but that issue will be sorted out very soon, ADSSC said.

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