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EGBC to discuss importance of effective waste management

Emirates Green Building Council (EmiratesGBC), an independent forum aimed at conserving the environment by strengthening and promoting green building practices, will organise an industry networking event that discusses the importance of effective waste management.

Bringing together various stakeholders from the building industry supply chain, the networking event will be held on November 13, 2013, from 7 to 9pm at Ivory 1, Sheraton Hotel, Mall of the Emirates Dubai.

The discussion will cover smart and innovative design and practices for waste management, strategies within the community and at educational institutions, and the importance of recycling and waste management.

Adnan Sharafi, Chairman of EmiratesGBC and Board Member of the World Green Building Council, said: “The UAE has clearly underlined its commitment to the values outlined by the United Nations to address environmental issues including global climate change, waste management and recycling. With the GCC countries reportedly producing over 120 million tonnes of solid waste every year, there are concerted efforts being launched to manage and recycle waste.

“The networking event by EmiratesGBC puts the spotlight on effective mechanisms to manage waste, by encouraging the various stakeholders to work together for more sustainable built environments. With the growth in population, industrialisation and urbanisation, waste generation is expected to increase, and we must take timely measures now to safeguard our environment for the future generations.”

InSinkErator, the sponsor of the event, will also mark the company’s 75th anniversary by offering the first 75 registered participants with gift vouchers.

The event is open for EmiratesGBC members and non-members. The fee per delegate is AED 50 for members and AED 150 for non-members. Those who are interested to participate in the networking event can register at: events@emiratesgbc.org before November 11.


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KSA to launch environment programme in schools

Saudi Environment Society (SENS) will launch an environment programme in schools throughout Saudi Arabia and neighbouring Arab countries. The programme will be a collaboration between international organisations and the Ministry of Education.

Eight programmes will focus on solid waste management, coastal line and ocean preservation, electricity consumption, industrial waste management, environmental safety, recycling, water consumption, climate change and air pollution. The special programmes will educate students about the environment, with two hours every day dedicated to allow students to take part in an extra curricular activities.

SENS recently concluded the first workshop on water conservation with the participation of seven Arab countries. The workshop was held within the framework of the National Programme for the Environment and Sustainable Development with the aim of establishing environmental programs in schools. The workshop was organised with the cooperation of the National Water Company and the Ministry of Education.

The society is building upon its practical experience to launch a full-fledged academic programme that can be applied across the country’s schools. It has successfully introduced the programme in 60 schools in Jeddah and another 60 schools in Najran.

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Recycling gadgets at City Centre malls

The focus on electronics comes on the back of a recent report from Business Monitor International citing a growth in the UAE retail sector based on a boost in development of the consumer electronics market. Flat screen televisions and smartphones are noted as the main growth drivers.

“Electronics is one of the biggest retail categories across all malls. New technology is always being launched for shoppers and tech-lovers,” said Fuad Mansoor Sharaf, Senior Director – Property Management for Majid Al Futtaim Properties. “There are a number of technology events taking place in Dubai during the month of October, and as a member of the community, City Centre malls wanted to highlight the latest technology in the malls for shoppers as they get excited about the newest tech toys being unveiled in the market.”

Throughout October, shoppers are encouraged to go ‘out with the old’ and ‘in with the new’ for the ‘Recycle Your Gadget’ project. In collaboration with Red Crescent, each mall with have a special bin for shoppers to recycle their old gadgets, phones, laptops and electronics devices. Red Crescent will make sure the devices are recycled properly, helping create a greener community for everyone.

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Change from within

Designed by HOK and implemented by Summertown Interiors, the UAE’s first sustainable marketplace, The Change Initiative, revamps the aesthetics of recycling, as BGreen discovers onsite

More than an eco-concept store, The Change Initiative (TCI) is dedicated to helping everyday shoppers make responsible lifestyle choices by supplying and educating people with sustainable solutions for the community, businesses and the government.
The facility presents a wide range of household products, appliances, sustainably produced furniture, paints and fashion accessories for conscientious consumers, while an in-house café, The Taste Initiative, offers freshly sourced organic food for shoppers.
Beyond the green credentials of the products on display, the store’s squat two-storey structure along Sheikh Zayed Road speaks volumes about sustainable design in its renovation and rework. A joint collaboration between award-winning design firm, HOK, and prominent fit-out contractor, Summertown Interiors, The Change Initiative building has been through an overhaul over a nine-month period.
“One of the nice things about this retail environment is it’s got a positive vibe. It’s happy but there’s an underlying bedrock of fact. If you look into all the products available, and the environment it’s in, it’s clearly not green washing. The products stand out as being selected for their record and for what the company is promoting and hopefully the building does the same,” explains Christopher Brown, Vice President of HOK.
Renovation and design
According to Brown, recycling still lacks mainstream acceptance in building aesthetics, making this project a unique challenge. “When we’re working with waste, or existing elements in the space, the challenge is to present it in a way that is still attractive and modern.”
Keeping major elements in place, such as the existing carpet tiles and screen doors, the space was renovated to incorporate open spaces, natural light and an intuitive flow.
“The core idea behind the design concept of the store was to have a knowledge thread running throughout the space, so that when people walk around, they pick up lessons along the way on how certain elements were sourced, produced and fitted. This also adds up in the LEED process as a ‘learning component,’” adds Brown. HOK modelled the “learning journey” based on three key areas of sustainability—energy, water, and waste management, as can be practiced around the house.

Recycling elements
While reusing elements in existing places has environmental merit, according to Heidi Demuynck, Sales Director at Summertown, the process was time and labour intensive, especially when it came to the reuse of wooden panels. “Floor and ceiling tiles were left as they were, but the cabinet doors in the offices were removed and reused as wall panels. The parquet flooring was stripped and reused as decorative paneling along the stairwell and elevators. The uneven panels were used to line the fitting rooms, painted over with non-toxic paint. It was a highly creative process, which had to be delivered in a very short period of time. The overall effect, of course, is something we’re very proud of,” she says. Marmoleum tiles, made of mostly organic materials, replaced the parquet flooring. Office partitions were removed, painted and reused, as was the uneven flooring that was reworked into an eclectic looking wall.
“We made a focused effort in sourcing regionally available products. The stone flooring, for example, came from Oman. All the new wooden materials are compliant MDF wood. It wasn’t easy, considering that we had to get all these components ready by TCI’s soft launch in May,” she adds, taking us around each element in the 5,109-square-metre space.

The art of recycling
Taking up an entire wall above the stairway, a three-dimensional collage of Steve Jobs stands out as an icon in tribute of what he stood for as an agent for innovation and change. Made from an assortment of e-waste—keyboards, calculators, remote controls—the collage was an artistic effort made by university students on site. Other

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Recycling made easy

Driving home the importance of recycling by making it the convenient choice, Averda’s ReVa reverse vending machines have been introduced in Dubai for a citywide mind set change

Have you ever seen a paper carton or piece of metal that has not been recycled or a piece of metal that hasn’t been recycled? Those things recycle themselves, in that they don’t require help in finding their way back into the product cycle. Plastic, glass, electronics, and other complex things need support,” Malek Sukoor, CEO of Averda, said in conversation with BGreen.
“This is where we are not seeing a concerted effort. Having said that, technology today falls short in many cases in making a meaningful effort at that scale. This is still a challenge,” he added, days after the launch of Averda’s reverse vending machine, ReVa.
As the millennium rolled in, plans to create the next big innovation was in the works. 12 years later, TECOM business parks have become the proud new owners of ReVa reverse vending machines. The latest addition to Averda’s portfolio, the reverse vending machines allows users to exchange plastic and aluminium cans for an attractive incentive from Air Miles, through an ingenious partnership between Averda, ENPARK and Air Miles.
For every recyclable unit deposited in any of the ReVa vending machines across TECOM business parks, users can receive two Air Miles reward miles as an incentive for recycling.
During the ReVa Vending Machine launch, Saeed Bin Ghubash, the director of ENPARK stated their intentions in attracting like-minded businesses to their site. “By making recycling more accessible, the ReVa reverse vending machine (can) change the habits of those working in and living near TECOM free zones. We are therefore, extremely pleased to be able to promote the innovative work of averda, one of TECOMs 4,500 business partners, as this machine demonstrates first-hand exactly how such initiatives can be incorporated into commercial areas and across business communities,” he said.
15 ReVa vending machines are located throughout the TECOM business parks, found in communal areas such as Dubai Internet City, Studio City, Academic City, Dubai Outsourcing Zone, International Media Production Zone, Dubai Media City, DuBiotech and Dubai Knowledge village. The process of using the machine is simple; once you have finished using your aluminium cans or plastic bottles simply place the recyclable unit into ReVa and the machine will dispose of it. Once the waste has been disposed, press the button on the machine to receive a receipt that shows you the total Air Miles reward miles that you have earned.
Should the machine fill up with recycled goods, an SMS will be sent to Averda to indicate that three-fourths of the storage has been filled. Another SMS will be sent once the machine has reached its full capacity.
Primarily, the ReVa reversible machine was created to drive sustainability and have people experience it first-hand. It’s an interactive tool to campaign and bring recycling first hand to consumers. Saeed Bin Ghubash believes that, “this is the beginning; it will be an evolving project that will show how to recycle and how to be green. Together, we can make an enormous impact on how Dubai and the UAE recycle.”
Mark Morimer-Davies, CEO of Air Miles Middle East believes that ReVa is a behaviour changing process. “If you reward people and entice competition to younger generations, this will lead to better behaviour and a greener environment. It’s like having a child, someone has to have the courage to start and bring the baby to life.”
Averda believes that using Air Miles can help make Dubai sustainable and facilitate recyclable products by giving people a convenient and flexible incentive. “We chose Air Miles as our redemption partner because of its simple, convenient and flexible solutions. As an organisation, it’s crucial we continue to raise recycling awareness within communities and throughout public and commercial spaces, by promoting this convenient, cutting edge technology,” claims John Irvine, managing director of Averda.
With plenty of optimism, ENPARK, Averda and Air Miles are determined to facilitate the recycling system in Dubai to simple solution to help Dubai’s long-term problem. With time, this collaboration is hoping that their system can change the recycling system of the entire country.

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New manual for mall waste

Dubai Municipality launched a new manual to guide source segregation of waste in shopping centres at the Dubai Chamber ‘Be responsible- rethink waste’ conference on 23 October 2012.
Source segregation of waste in malls, shopping centres and commercial establishments is a strategic initiative to capture the recyclable waste being generated in commercial centres. The manual was developed by the waste management department to assist the shopping centre managements to start up their individual programmes.
“Commercial centres should start implementing the programme now that the manual is launched and we will be working closely with them to ensure that the initiative is carried out efficiently”, commented Ali Mohammed Al Hammadi, Head of Technical Support and Studies Section, Waste Management Department, Dubai Municipality.
The launch of the new manual comes as a conclusion to the ‘Be Responsible-Rethink Waste Campaign’ launched by the Dubai Chamber Sustainability Network. This initiative was a call on businesses and the public for action to reduce, reuse, and recycle. This campaign was been created by the sustainability network members in partnership with Dubai Municipality.
Atiq Juma Nasib, Senior Director, Commercial Services Sector of Dubai Chamber said: “Raising awareness about the importance of recycling and reducing waste is vital if we want to protect the world and its precious resources for future generations.
“It also makes good business sense, which is why Dubai Chamber has organised the ‘Be Responsible-Rethink Waste Campaign’ in partnership with Dubai Municipality and members of our Sustainability Network,” he said.
The month long campaign aimed at generating awareness amongst businesses and consumers about the importance of waste management, recycling and the need to have improved practices. The aim was to increase business and public awareness by promoting actions that demonstrate waste reduction and resource efficiency.
The campaign was jointly organised by the Dubai Chamber Sustainability Network, including Al Ghurair, Saeed & Mohammed Al Naboodah Group, Nokia, Henkel, Aramex, Eros Group, PepsiCo, HSBC Bank Middle East, CHEP Middle East, Landmark Group and Majid Al Futtaim Properties, and Dubai Municipality.

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