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Bee’ah to Launch Air Quality Management Programme

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has indicated that air contaminants, caused by industrial, household and automobile emissions, are health hazards to urban populations. The WHO estimates that around 370 deaths are caused by poor air quality each year.

Bee’ah, the Middle East’s award winning waste management company, is set to launch Sharjah’s first ever air quality management programme.

Bee’ah will sponsor a continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring (AAQM) programme, measuring greenhouse gas emissions and particulate matter in the atmosphere across residential, commercial, industrial and mixed-use areas of Sharjah.

“Bee’ah is growing beyond waste services and adopting a more holistic approach to environmental management,” said Khalid Al Huraimel, Group Chief Executive Officer, Bee’ah. “The project will determine the highest concentrations of atmospheric pollutants across Sharjah, with a focus on densely populated areas. As air quality directly affects public health, being able to monitor emissions is the first step in ensuring a cleaner, healthier city.”

Data produced by the AAQM system will be assessed and shared with Sharjah City Municipality, the UAE Ministry of Environment and Water, and American University of Sharjah, among other key stakeholders.

When completed, data collected from the AAQM network will also be shared with the public through a specialised web portal. “The AAQM project demonstrates Bee’ah’s commitment to the environment and to the wellbeing of our society. Awareness of key environmental issues, such as air quality, is the only way that we will build a secure and sustainable future for our community,” said Al Huraimel.

The AAQM project was announced at Green Middle East yesterday, hosted by Bee’ah at Sharjah Expo, the region’s premier exhibition for the environment, now in its third year.



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“Quality not quantity” is the key to Sharjah green show, say exhibitors.

The third Green Middle East environment management and technology exhibition at Expo Centre Sharjah attracted hundreds of visitors and BGreen went along to speak with exhibitors.

Green Middle East 2013 was billed as “bringing together key global players and regional majors keen to explore the industry”, the three-day event was held under the patronage of Sheikh Sultan and hosted by waste management experts Bee’ah.

His Highness Dr Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, opened the show, which was attended by Princess Basma Bint Ali, Royal Family of Jordan and Founder of the Royal Botanic Garden of Jordan; Dr Rashid Ahmed Bin Fahad, UAE Minister of Environment and Water; Saif Mohammed Al Midfa, CEO, Expo Centre Sharjah; Khalid Al Huraimel, Group CEO of Bee’ah, — The Sharjah Environment Co., Ragheb Alama, Arab celebrity and UNEP goodwill ambassador, and government officials and industry representatives.

The three-day exhibition and conference at the Expo Centre Sharjah ran from October 28 to 30 with a full conference programme with a key focus on waste management and energy conservation.

Alongside the conferences which attracted hundreds of visitors, one exhibition hall had stands from some of the most influential players in the GCC green market.

Zaki Siddiqui is the managing partner of the General Machinery Agency who has been selling waste collection machinery for more than 40 years and he was full of praise for the Sharjah show.

“What you get here is quality, everyone who visits has an interest in the industry and there is a lot of expertise,” said Siddiqui, who is the main agent for the UAE, as well as Afghanistan and Iraq.

Standing alongside one of the Johnson Sweeper conversions, based on a Volvo chassis, Siddiqui points out that rubbish, cleaning and waste collection in Al Ain are all carried out by CMA-supplied equipment.

“This is a good show and as customers become more specific in their clean-up requirements, I go to them and ask first: ‘What do you want your equipment to do?’ from there once I understand their needs I can provide the right machine.”

Palletco the UAE’s only manufacturer of industrial plastic packaging was at Green Middle East keen to explain the benefits of plastic over wood, which is often considered ‘sustainable’.

Sales manager Malik Akhtar said the show offered an ideal platform to explain the company’s philosophy and meet buyers.

He told BGreen: “We are the only manufacturer in the UAE and distribute across the GCC.

“For things like pallets many people consider wood, especially if they are told that it is sustainable. But the fact is that a lot of this wood comes from Asian countries and it is ar easier to get a certificate saying the product comes from sustainable sources, when in fact  that’s true for as little as 20%.”

He explained that all of the polypropylene and polystyrene used by Palletco is recycled. The company recently celebrated its 10th birthday and employs 150 people in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

“We produce more than 100 products, from pallets and crates to pallet boxes and waste bins,” said Akhtar. “We use plastic pellets which we buy from recyclers mainly in the region and our success means we are building a new facility between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.”

Akhtar said that the plastic products it produces really are sustainable. “Firstly, they are made from recycled plastic, secondly they will last for two years, while wood is often discarded after one use, and thirdly, our products can be recycled again. In fact we offer to take and recycle from our customers.”

Green initiatives

Emirates Transport (ET) had a lot to demonstrate at the show and the organisation responsible for all the school transport across the UAE.

It operates more than 12,000 vehicles across the country and each year 15,000 tyres were being dumped into landfill and ET has turned that around in year with its retreading scheme.

Now ET has reduced the tyres to landfill by almost half and at the Sharjah show it demonstrated how it worked.

Pramod Karuthedath is the factory manager who said:”Tyres are worn out by 25,000km but the tyre carcass is good for 50,000km and that means they can receive a new tread.”

He explained the process of removal of the old rubber, ensuring the wire reinforcement is not rusted or weakened and then turning it int a new tyre in the Malaysian curing chamber that can turn out 24 ‘new’ tyres every two-and-a-half hours.

But Karuthedath said inspections was vital to ensure there was no damage to the orginal arcass, if there is, it is thrown away. He said: “Safety is a priority and while we can repair some damage, there are strict guidelines on what can be reused.”

And there is a huge saving as well both in terms of money and carbon emissions: a new tyre costs AED1,300, the cost of a re-treaded tyre is AED450, that’s 70% plus carbon emissions are 30% lower.

Visitors to the show were genuinely appreciative of the scheme by ET, which is the biggest producer of scrap tyres in the emirates thanks to its huge fleet.

But it was not just tyres that ET brought to the show: It also displayed its conversions for running vehicles to run on compressed natural gas (CNG).

ET was explaining the conversion for vehicles to run on CNG instead of petrol already fitted to 3,000 of its own vehicle fleet as well as 500 taxis and 500 police vehicles.

It also provides technical maintenance services for CNG converted vehicles in addition to all related support services through a cadre of qualified professionals working in the corporation’s CNG conversion centres, in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC).

And ET was showing off its waterless vehicle washing. Utilising a liquid which lifts dirt, wipes off and leaves a polished surface, saves around 250 litres of water on each wash and the compound (produced in the USA by Freedom) is environmentally friendly.

“We use it on our own vehicles, Emirates University vehicles and those vehicles at Emirates Palace, including the VIP cars and limousines,” said Ata Said Ali Mohammad, ET’s head of sales.


Green Middle East was held from October 28 at the Sharjah Expo Centre, today would be the final day of the exhibition.

For more information on the exhibition, click here.


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