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Clean Energy Business Council set to host Annual Event

This year’s Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC) Annual Event is to be held under the theme ‘MENA – The Clean Energy Upstart? Challenges, Innovation, Unlimited Potential,’ reflective of the growing interest shown by national governments and investors, developers and manufacturers in the currently under-realised clean energy potential of the wider MENA region.

“There is great excitement among clean energy players about the MENA region’s potential to become a world leader in clean energy development and adoption,” said Dr Nasser H. Saidi, Chairman of CEBC.

“Of all the global regions, MENA is the one that has the greatest potential for growth. We are seeing increased investment, favourable policy creation and implementation and enhanced development. It is an exciting time to be involved in the MENA clean energy industry.”

The event will convene industry leaders and policy makers, providing a platform for discussion on the state of the clean energy industry across the MENA region, their achievements this far, and the next steps required for further development of the sector. There will be a focus on energy and water efficiency, financing mechanisms and the social impacts of clean energy in the region, with key public and private sector stakeholders from across the region in attendance.

According to Nimer Abu Ali, MENA Head of Cleantech, EY, Governments in MENA have recognised that the long term sustainability of their economies and their resources can be improved by diversifying the sources of energy and include alternative energies and investment in energy efficiency. Saudi Arabia and UAE have been leading the renewables agenda in the region. Morocco has also, in the last year, seen significant progress in this direction. However, the inadequacy of policy frameworks and regulations in the region as a whole continue to be the main obstacles to the development of the industry.”

With over 100 projects under development across the MENA region, and with countries such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt looking to generate 20% of their power from renewable sources by 2020, and Morocco aiming for the even more ambitious 42% figure by 2020, the region’s clean energy future looks bright.


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