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REpower supplies power to more than 18 million people

Suzlon Group subsidiary REpower Systems SE has installed its 5,000th turbine, located near Buchen in the Neckar-Odenwald district, Germany.

In total, REpower has so far installed more than 9.6 GW of capacity, enough to supply more than 18 million people, or the entire population of the Netherlands, with electricity.

“We are delighted that we contribute to a clean energy supply as a reliable partner with project-specific solutions and products that meet our customer’s needs,” said Andreas Nauen, CEO, REpower Systems SE.

In the first half of 2013, REpower installed more than 200 megawatts in Germany, achieving a 21 per cent share of the German market. The company’s goal for 2013 is to achieve a stable, double-digit market share in Germany.

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Sustainable polymer supply

For the future generations the world needs to move towards a renewable supply structure. AMI is bringing together a group of concerned professionals and expert scientists at Green Polymer Chemistry 2014, which takes place from March 18 to 20, next year in Germany.

Sustainable sourcing is a big driver for major brand owners worldwide and they have set up the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative with standards that suppliers are expected to adhere to, and this will apply for bio-sourced polymers plus the additional remit not to affect food security.

Chemical engineers have been working to develop economically viable routes to specific monomers and polymers and there is a wide range of research and innovation from the major petrochemical companies looking to get a foothold in the developing bio-chemical industry including BP and Neste Oil.

Meanwhile the end users and manufacturers of plastics and elastomers, particularly the brand owners and companies listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, are watching the market developments to find drop-in substitute materials that have genuine “green” credentials.  There are many already on the market. The Polyplex Company in India is manufacturing bio-based PET films, Lanxess Elastomers is selling the world’s first bio-based EPDM rubber and Arkema offers a range of bio-based polyamides. The Taiwan Textile Research Institute has reviewed the new bio-based products like polyamide available from the local region.

There is the chance to use waste products as a source of chemical precursors. Companies could close the loop with full chemical recycling of waste plastics back into virgin plastics: Manchester University has recently patented an enhanced feedstock recycling process.


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Availon wins full maintenance contract for Vattenfall’s wind farm

Availon, a leading wind farm service provider, announced today that it was awarded a complete maintenance contract for Vattenfall’s 12MW Jänschwalde wind farm, located near Cottbus in the German federal state of Brandenburg.

Availon was already in charge of maintaining three of the turbines since 2012, and it has now taken over the responsibility for all of the wind farm’s 2MW Vestas V90 turbines, through a full maintenance service agreement known as WindKeeper Complete. In addition to comprehensive maintenance services and the provision of numerous upgrades, the WindKeeper Complete maintenance package developed by Availon also includes the replacement of major components, and an availability guarantee.

“We have worked with Vattenfall on this project since 2012. The partnership resulted in great success, and we are very pleased that Vattenfall has decided to hand us over the responsibility for servicing their entire 12 MW wind farm”, commented Markus Spitzer, Managing Director of Availon.

Since its founding in 2007, today’s Availon GmbH has established itself as a leading provider of multi-brand wind turbine services. In addition to focussing on its core market of Germany, the company is also steadily expanding its global strategic position. This Rheine-based company currently employs a workforce of around 290 employees in Germany, Spain, Italy and the US. Availon GmbH looks after more than 1,800 MW on an international level. Its proactive, all-inclusive service for wind turbines covers the entire operational value creation chain, ranging from remote monitoring, maintenance and spare part supply through to troubleshooting and turbine optimization. Availon GmbH is the first independent wind turbine service provider which has been fully certified by Germanischer Lloyd for all processes required for service provision.


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