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WFES promises window on the future of sustainable living

At the 7th annual World Future Energy Summit (WFES) in Abu Dhabi, hosted by Masdar, 30,000 attendees from 172 countries will have the chance to see first-hand the latest products and solutions in sustainable living.

The Sustainable Living Expo (SLE) will showcase an actual-size home and a prototype hotel suite demonstrating how energy- and water-efficient technologies, processes and materials can work together to both manage the human impact on our environment and to reduce the cost of consumed resources.

The SLE is a new exhibition feature at WFES 2014, which will also host in-depth technical presentations by international experts in urban sustainability at a purpose-built theatre.

Organised in partnership with Abu Dhabi Electricity and Water Authority, the SLE ‘Eco-home’ will display organic paint, insulating windows, and low-flow water fixtures, among other advanced products and services that reduce waste, use natural resources more responsibly and save money.

The Eco-home exhibit will appear alongside a model hotel suite also adopting the latest sustainable technologies, sponsored by Rotana Hotels and designed and built by Genesis Manazil.

Innovation in the way we build and operate our homes and offices is essential if we are to mitigate the dramatic environmental impact of the urban landscape.

According to the International Energy Agency, buildings consume more than 40% of total energy and generate a quarter of all carbon emissions. And the problem will only get worse: 60% of the world’s population is expected to live in cities by 2020.

Urban sustainability will also be top of the agenda at this year’s WFES conference, with the session ‘Energy Efficiency-The Built Environment’ sharing new thinking and practical experience on the topic on January 22, day three of WFES this year.

Internationally renowned speakers will include Mark Hopkins, Director of International Energy Efficiency at the UN Foundation; and Bruce Schlein, Citigroup’s Director of Corporate Sustainability.

As the centerpiece of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, the World Future Energy Summit will once again play a vital role in gathering the most prominent people and organisations to address our shared energy and water challenges now and in the future.

And as visitors to the Sustainable Living Expo will testify, many of the solutions begin at home.

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Big 5 organiser launches new waste and recycling show for Dubai

Collocated at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), Middle East Waste & Recycling, and Commercial Cleaning and Hygiene, are two exhibitions, dedicated to their industries, which will part of the established FM Expo next year.

Middle East Waste & Recycling will deliver waste management and recycling solutions to the region, providing a platform for manufacturers and suppliers to reach decision makers in the waste and recycling sector. The event will attract waste management professionals seeking solutions for waste minimisation, collection, treatment, disposal and recycling.

Commercial Cleaning and Hygiene will attract manufacturers and suppliers of cleaning equipment and services, contract cleaning companies, facility managers and distributors within the region, as well as end users within government, education, healthcare, leisure, and retail sectors.

FM EXPO 2014, Middle East Waste & Recycling, and Commercial Cleaning & Hygiene, will be held from 19 – 21 May 2014.

For more information about these events, visit www.fm‐expo.com. www.middleeastwaste.ae, www.middleeastclean.com

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Telecom operator reveals its official carbon emissions

Emirates telecom giant du has revealed details of its first ever Green House Gas (GHG) in collaboration with Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence (DCCE). The report is an effort by du to formalise and document its carbon footprint by an independent third party. This has allowed du, to measure its environmental impacts and drive their environmental strategy towards carbon abatement activities that supports the UAE’s “Green Economy Strategy”.

“We are committed to achieving a greener future for our company, community and country, in line with the vision of our leadership for a green economy,” said Abdulhadi Alalyak, Vice President – Asset Management and Corporate Administration, du. “Our current carbon abatement strategies already in place such as our solar panels and hybrid power systems have significantly contributed in the reduction efforts. Going ahead, we intend to make this an annual exercise. The report will act as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to inform, educate and encourage proactive actions and promote our sustainability efforts.

The evaluation and analysis of du’s Green House Gas (GHG) emissions throughout 2012 was reported on the three parameters as defined by Green House Gas Protocol, with a total emission baseline for the year calculated as 248,553 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e). This represents approximately 0.5% of Dubai’s emissions and 0.12% of the UAE’s total emissions.

The detailed analysis had reviewed the different activities and their emissions across du’s technology and commercial controlled assets located within the 7 emiratesAs per the report, Scope 2 emission such as electricity, used in du’s base transceiver station shelters and data centres represent the majority of du’s total emissions of 89%.  Scope 1 emissions, such as those from internal combustion from du’s fleet, diesel generators and emissions of refrigerants, contribute to 11% of the total emissions.

More details about du’s sustainability efforts can be found in the company’s 2012 Sustainable Development report: http://www.du.ae/en/about/sustainability

du opened for business in 2006 offering mobile and fixed telephony, broadband connectivity and IPTV services to individuals, homes and businesses. It also provides carrier services for businesses and satellite up/downlink services for TV broadcasters and has 6.8 million customers. du is 39.5 percent owned by Emirates Investment Authority, 20.081 percent by Mubadala Development Company PJSC, 19.5 percent by Emirates Communications and Technology LLC and the remaining stake by public shareholders. du is listed on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) and trades under the name ‘du’.


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DuPont achieves sustainability goals 3 years ahead of schedule

With the release of its new Sustainability Report yesterday, DuPont today announced it has achieved most of its 2015 sustainability goals three years ahead of schedule and has made substantial progress toward the rest.

“At DuPont, sustainability is a business growth strategy that has been a driving force at our company for decades,” said Linda J. Fisher, vice president and chief sustainability officer. “This report illustrates the progress we have made against our voluntary commitments and the continued integration of sustainability into all our operations.”

The company’s 2015 market-facing goals, set in 2006, focussed on the shared value DuPont products bring to customers. As of last year, the company has generated over $6.7 billion in revenue from products that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“We also have invested nearly $4 billion in research and development programmes to develop products with direct, quantifiable environmental benefits for our customers,” Fisher added. “The simultaneous success of our market-facing and footprint goals is the business case for sustainability.”

Since 2004, DuPont has reduced the company’s greenhouse gas emissions by 25% compared to the goal of 15%; lowered global water usage by 12%; earned $2 billion in revenue from products that reduce greenhouse gas emissions; and $11.8 billion in revenue from products based on non-depletable resources.

DuPont announced a new set of goals in 2012 to focus the company’s work on food security between now and 2020. This is the first year DuPont is reporting progress on these goals. “Our scientists are developing new ways to produce nutritious and affordable food in ways that are more sustainable for our environment and natural resources,” Fisher adds. “We’re investing more than $3 million each day on research and development to this end. More importantly, we included a food security goal committing us to expand our engagement with young people around the world to build knowledge and enthusiasm for growing food and feeding the planet in a sustainable way.”

To read the entire 2013 Sustainability Report: www.dupont.com/corporate-functions/our-approach/sustainability/performance-reporting/sustainability-reports.html

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Honda Accord awarded Green Car of the Year 2014

The Honda Accord has been chosen as the Green Car of the Year 2014, but this year the award goes not to just one model but three: the Accord, Accord Hybrid, and Accord Plug-In Hybrid.

Green Car Journal sponsors these awards every year since 2005. It announced the winner on November 30 at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

“Honda’s 2014 Accord clearly leads by example in the ‘green’ space and is a deserving winner of the 2014 Green Car of the Year honor,” said Ron Cogan, editor and publisher of the Green Car Journal and CarsOfChange.com.

Cogan says the Green Car of the Year award is “an important part of Green Car Journal’s mission to showcase environmental progress in the auto industry.”

In the Green Car of the Year programme, Green Car Journal‘s editors identify five finalists after an extensive vetting process. The winner is selected by a majority vote of the Green Car of the Year jury.

The Accord was chosen from among a field of five finalists, including the Audi A6 TDI, BMW 328d, Mazda3, and Toyota Corolla. No electric cars made the cut this year.

Jurors include leaders of influential environmental and energy efficiency organisations, such as Jean-Michel Cousteau, president of Ocean Futures Society. Cousteau has served as a Green Car of the Year juror since the award’s inception.

“When you consider the Honda Accord’s cost and the mileage it delivers with standard and hybrid power, you’re not only economically ahead of the game but also improving environmental impact by using less petroleum and cutting CO2 emissions,” said Cousteau.

The Accord Hybrid gets 50 highway mpg and the Accord Plug-In hybrid gets 115 miles per gallon equivalent, the highest of any mid-size hybrid sedan in the United States.

Representing Honda’s next generation fuel cell vehicle, the ultra-aerodynamic car is scheduled to launch in the United States and Japan in 2015, and in Europe a little later, Tetsuo Iwamura, president and CEO of American Honda Motor Co., announced at the show.

“Using renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, water, biofuel – the fuel cell has tremendous potential for zero-emissions mobility,” Iwamura said. “In addition, fuel cell vehicles have great potential to offer extended range and performance and the utility that car buyers have grown to expect.”


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Europe and China Join Forces to Upgrade Urban Mobility

The European Union and China are working together to improve urban mobility. Hundreds of European and Chinese city mayors as well as academics and business representatives with an interest in the future of urbanisation gathered in Beijing at the Second EU China Urban Forum Thursday through Saturday to share ideas and identify future co-operation activities.

In his keynote address on opening day in the Great Hall of the People, European Commission Vice-President Siim Kallas said, “The impact of our urbanisation efforts goes beyond European and Chinese domestic interests. We need to ensure the sustainable development of our cities not only for our citizens and our economies but because our cities have a global impact on environment, resources and greenhouse gas emissions – with significant geo-political consequences.”

EU Vice President in charge of transport, Siim Kallas, addresses an audience of mayors in Beijing.

Tianjin, Shenzhen and 10 other Chinese cities signed partnership agreements with European cities and organisations during the forum.

“China expects more EU countries and cities as well as enterprises and organisations to establish close and practical partnership with their Chinese counterparts,” said Xu Shaoshi, head of the National Development and Reform Commission, the country’s top economic planner.

Kallas said, “Cities are and always will be places of exchange: exchange of goods and ideas. Cities will be the drivers of economic growth in the 21st Century – but there is a risk that the quality of life in cities deteriorates, making them unattractive, inefficient and socially divisive.

“Together Europe and China can lead the way towards sustainable urbanization and create a win-win situation for our citizens, business and the environment.”


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