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BGreen Awards 2013 winners share their secrets

Around 300 people attended the BGreen Awards 2013 ceremony held at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel on Thursday November 28 to see awards in 12 categories recognising the sustainability initiatives of a range of private and public sector organisaitons.

Lorraine Bangera and Anoop Menon spoke with each of the winners as they stepped off the stage with their award.

ost Sustainable Large Corporation

Winner: Interface.

This year’s BGreen winner Interface was founded in 1973 and now employs 3,000 across the world and as well as producing a unique sustainable product, most of its buildings meet LEED and USGBC performance requirements too.

Its neat scheme to use old fishing nets to make carpet tiles alongisde its strong company ethos for sustainability earned it the award.

The award was presented by Rami Hajjar, GM at Philips Lighting ME, too Jubilant Clement, Business Development Manager and Turgay Turan, Business Develpment Executive at Interface.

Clement said: “Winning this award is fantastic. Being a part of Interface, we have a path of sustainability since 1994. The company has set a target that by the year 2020, we will be a net zero company in line with our founder’s vision.

“Our efforts are being recognised by people across the world. Dubai winning the Expo 2020 is great and it coincides with our goal Net Zero 2020. This is a milestone for us, but we are very excited about achieving it.”

Interface is a world leader in its production field and awards guest were told that it uses 95% less water in its production process, compared to 30 years ago and its most recent sustainability driven innovation uses old fishing nets, which are recycled improving the lives of fishermen, the seashore… and helping make a new range of carpet tiles.

Runner up Unibeton is a recognised leader in its field with the promotion of green sustainable concrete, and telecom operator Du’s has embraced sustainability, from recycling and reducing electricity consumption, to low-emission vehicles and well educated staff.


Contractor of the Year 

Winner: Brookfield Multiplex

Noha Kadora, KONE’s  Marketing Manager presented the award to  Stephen Smith, Environmental & Sustainability Manager at the Brookfield Multiplex.

He said: “We are very happy and excited. We have worked very hard to get to a place like this. The BGreen Award is great, we have supported BGreen for the last year, and look forward to supporting it in 2014 and hopefully further on.

MC Ben Jacobs told the audience: “It [Brookfield Multiplex] has an exciting track record in sustainable construction, From the Masdar HQ in Abu Dhabi to number One JLT in Dubai as well as this year’s Standard Chartered Tower. This company continues to demonstrate an integrated sustainability vision for all of its operations.


Green Building Project of the Year

Winner: The Change Initiative building in Barsha.

The award was presented by Peter Robinson, the marketing manager of Gyproc, to Chetna Pandita, Head of Marketing and Communications at The Change.

She said: “This is very exciting. In our heart we knew we were going to win this award because we got the LEED platinum certification, but we just wanted to be modest. We believe in sustainability throughout.

“Our core competence is sustainability. We want to engrave sustainable solutions in everyday life for everybody, which has been the main aim of the company. So this has been a very proud and very humble moment for all of us.”

MC Ben Jacobs told the audinece: “LEED awarded it 107 out of a possible 110 LEED points making it the most sustainable building in the world. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s a place where you can buy an impressive range of sustainable and green products.”


Energy Efficiency Project of the Year

Winner: Green Energy Solutions and Sustainability LLC

The award was presented by Khaled Al Huraimel, Group Chief Executive Officer of Bee’ah and collected on behalf of the company by Gary Wright, senior editor of BGreen.

Green Energy Solutions and Sustainability LLC is a Dubai-based business established in 2011 to provide alternative and renewable energy solutions. It targeted landfill site in the region with a specific aim to reduce greenhouse gas and use it for power production. Today at Dubai’s Al Qusais landfill a gas engine running on landfill methane produces all the power needs of the site and the municipality offices.

Al Qusais Landfill is the first landfill in the region to produce electricity from landfill gas cutting the emission of more than 350,000 tonnes of CO2 a year.

The company’s entry explained: “Our space is at the landfill site and the site is powered by the landfill gas. We are not certified but we are totally sustainable. Air conditioning units and the chillers for the flaring plant are operated by the landfill gas engine. No fossil fuels are being used and all lights are operating by the electricity provided by the landfill gas engine no fossil fuels are being used.
The company is also involved in education programs with the schools and government agencies on sustainability, carbon management, and awareness programs on what we are achieving.


Sustainable Lighting Project of the Year

Winner: Lietcorp Middle East

John Carruthers, Managing Director at Lietcorp Middle East and Africa, picked up the award for the Sustainable Lighting Project of the Year, which was presented by by Ida Tillisch, of EWS-WWF.

He said: “From our side we are an LED manufacturer, everything we make is sustainable. We educate clients and get them to work along someone who is like Al Futtaim, which is such a large project, to be recognised.

And their efforts and our efforts in doing it, is very important especially in terms of Expo 2020. We were supporting Dubai Expo 2020, as a part of their bid was sustainability, green building and zero carbon emissions, etc. So for us of course that is fantastic as an LED manufacturer, everything we do is at the leading edge of lighting.

The company oversaw the retrofitting of lights at Dubai Festival City Mall, which has reaped annual energy savings of $25,000  and by removing the need for replacement lamps for another 15 years, it saved another $30,000.

Lietcorp, established in 2005, specialises in innovative LED technologies for commercial lighting applications. It employs 80 staff in the UK, UAE, Spain and Germany who provide sustainable lighting solutions by lowering energy consumption, carbon emissions and improving light quality.

In its submission for the award, Leicorp said: “Our brief for the Dubai Festival City Mall project we are entering was to create a sustainable lighting solution, with payback within two years and maximum energy savings. The space was not ideal for lighting at all, with over 2.8 million sq ft of floor space to light and a 23m ceiling on the ground floor with a large glass atrium.”

Most Sustainable Non-Government Organisation

Winner: EWS-WWF

The award was presented  by DTCM’s Shaikha Ebrahim AlMutawa to Ida Tillisch, Director General of EWS-WWF.
She said: “BGreen Awards in general is a very important award, as it is recognising sustainability throughout all sectors. It is great, because particularly in this region sustainability is going above and beyond.

“I think it is increasingly important to be recognised. Emirates Wildlife Society – WWF to receive the Most Sustainable NGO means a lot, we do a lot in the region to conserve our biodiversity, tackling climate change and reducing the ecological footprint. It is always nice to know it is being recognised.”

Talking about its plans for next year, she said: “We do have a long-term strategy, for next year we are working on issues for conserving biodiversity. Also working closely with the government on a project called the Ecological Footprint Initiative, which is project aimed at reducing the ecological footprint of the country.”

Emirates Wildlife Society (EWS) is a UAE environmental NGO, which works in association with WWF, one of the world’s largest and most respected independent conservation organisations. EWS-WWF has been active in the UAE since 2001 and has initiated and implemented  dozens of conservation and education projects in the region. The Marine Turtle Conservation Project is helping to paint a picture of the global health of our oceans. Its  Blue Flag programme seeks to adopt sustainable practices and ensure residents and visitors are appropriately informed about which coastal areas, such as beaches, meet international standards. Working closely with Abu Dhabi Municipality and Dubai Municipality, EWS-WWF has led informative workshops to foster increased capacity building, and to encourage beach and marina operators to join the internationally respected and trusted programme. This year, there were 12 more beaches and marinas added to the programme, which adds up to 24 in total. And Earth Hour in 2013 saw all major cities from the emirates plunge into darkness to join more than 150 countries around the world making it the largest ever participation during the history of Earth Hour.


Sustainable Supplier of the Year

Winner: KONE

The award was presented by Simon Crispe, Commercial Director for Atkins Middle East to Fadi Doleh, NEB Sales Manger for KONE.

He said: “We are very happy to be awarded Sustainable Supplier of the Year. We have developed in this industry with a result at the end of the day.”
Speaking about winning Expo 2020, he said: We are very happy about winning the Expo 2020, as we are a part of Dubai, a part of UAE. Our city getting a chance to host such a massive event will give us a lot of opportunities in construction. Dubai will also be leading the green building industry, will mean we will have a lot of opportunity for businesses.

Announcing the award MC Ben Jacobs told the audience: “The winner changed the market in energy consumption for its product in 1996, which reduced consumption by 70 per cent and continued to develop the concept with an even more economic 2012 design. Elevators are an everyday part of life in this region.”

Established in 1910, the Finnish company is a leading elevator and escalators production in the world, with around 40,000 employees, and annual net sales of $ 8.5 billion in 2012.

Since arriving in the Middle East in the 1980s, KONE has contributed to many of the region’s most high profile construction projects, including the Princess Tower in Dubai – the world’s tallest residential building – the award-winning Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi, and The Clock Tower in Makkah.


Most Sustainable Government Department

Winner: Emirates Transport

Van T. Tran, Senior Strategy & Investment Advisor from Green Energy Solutions presented the award to Eng. Amer Al Harmody, CEO of Emorates Trnsport’s  Technical Department.

He was accompanied by five other members of the Emirates Transport team including Fadil Ataalla, manager of Emirates Luxury Vehicle, a subsidiary owned by Emirates Transport.

Fadil Ataalla said: “It is a great pleasure and honour for the Emirates Transport team. The leaders of Emirates Transport have been following and concentrating on making a mark in the field of green.

“We represent the government in many sectors, one of which is the transportation field. We do have a responsibility towards the community to reduce our carbon footprint. Sustainability is one of our main target, our main achievement to change and reduce the carbon footprint and make a green fleet. This is just the beginning and there is still a lot of research going on.

“We have the biggest lease of buses in the UAE, and we do understand our responsibility in reducing our CO2 output. You will see how we will work towards reducing our carbon footprint in the coming years.”

Emirates Transport had a lot to talk about this year having converted 3,000 of its 12,000 vehicle fleet plus another 1,000 taxis and police cars to run on compressed natural gas.

CNG reduces carbon monoxide emissions by 93 per cent compared with petrol. It has halved the 15,000 tyres dumped in landfill each year by setting up a re-treading factory and all its vehicles use waterless washing.


Best Waste Management Company

Winner: Bee’ah

The award was presented by Mrs Arzu Bilgen of BASF to Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO of Bee’ah.

He said: “First of all we are very proud to win this award. Bee’ah has set a very high benchmark to be a leader in waste management in the Middle East. We have set a target to achieve zero waste going to landfill by the 2015, and we have already achieved a lot. Today, this is just a testimony that we are on the right track on the way to leading environmental change in the region.”

Speaking about Dubai Expo 2020, he said: “The vision of our leaders have always put UAE and its population in the leading position. This Award is a testimony to the vision of our leaders, and just like Bee’ah which is another success story out of Sharjah. We have won many awards, showing we are in line with the vision of our leaders.”

MC Ben Jacobs told the audience: The winner was chosen for its lead in waste reduction. A company, which has this year saved 60 per cent of waste going to landfill and has pledged to make that 100 per cent by 2015.

Bee’ah, based in Sharjah, was founded in 2007 with the specific aims of enhancing the environment and achieve added-value commercial ventures, while upholding its commitments to stakeholders.

Bee’ah established Tandeef, its waste collection and street cleaning division, as well as the Waste Management Complex (WMC) which promised and entirely new approach to managing waste with some of the most advanced waste recovery and recycling facilities, run by a team of international experts.

Worldwide 70% of municipal solid waste is dumped or landfilled, only 19% is recycled and 11% is subject to energy recovery. Today Bee’ah diverts more than 60% from landfills and is on target for Sharjah to be the first Arab city to divert 100% of its waste from landfill.


Most Sustainable Small or Medium Business

Winner: Genesis Manazil Steel Framing

Ms Firdaus Shariff, Head of Marketing, SAP Middle East and North Africa to Ahmed Mahmoud Shalaby, Business Development Executive of Genesis Manazil Group.

He said:We are happy because this is our first ‘green’ award.”
Dubai’s Expo success was one of the main themes of the evening and he added: “Dubai winning expo 2020 is great. It is a wonderful opportunity for improving sustainability in the country.”

The award set out to recognise the SME, which demonstrated a positive and clear sustainability strategy, especially those that made an early effort to adopt green policies.

NC Ben Jacobs told the awards audience: “The winner’s products meet all Estidama and LEED requirements, with energy savings across the board and promises its steel framed buildings offer the greenest solution on the market.”

Genesis Manazil Steel Framing was set up in 2005 and now employs around 90 people, in Abu Dhabi working from the architectural drawings all the way to inspect the finished light steel structure. Steel is recyclable and construction processes ensure it is easily done when the time comes.

ecofriendly sustainable solution, that complies with LEED and ESTIDAMA requirements, and saves energy and water consumption which are a major initiative lead by UAE governments.”


BGreen Editor’s Choice Award

Winner: Unibeton

Presented by BGreen senior editor Gary Wright to Robin Jones, Director of International Strategic Business Development and Marketing at Unibeton. He said: “The success of our business is the quality of service and product with the enhancement of environmentally friendly production practices. As far as awards are concerned this is good way to congratulate those companies that excel, however it’s the journey that they take for the award that builds the excellence.

From a Unibeton perspective, many years ago environmental attitudes were merely lip service, but the world has moved on to a real time environmental status. The rulers have given us a mandate which is tough, and we as progressive companies must rise up to the challenge. I think awards like this and the support you can see tonight, show companies with courage and commitment and solid sustainability ideas to go forward especially for the Expo 2020 and beyond.”

In his assessment of the company editor Wright said: “There is no escaping the fact that the production of cement is polluting but concrete is vital for the whole infrastructure of this region.

“You will have noticed tonight that one finalist’s name has appeared in three categories.

“This company started in the UAE in 1980 and is now the biggest producer in the country with the capacity to produce 10 million cubic metres of concrete a year delivered through its fleet of 600 ready mix trucks.

“It has been involved in some record breaking concrete pours, from the Palm, here in Dubai, to the Holy Mosque expansion in Makkah.

“This company has pioneered the use of green cement to produce its concrete. This company has achieved carbon savings of 70% with its green products. And this company has set sustainability targets both for its products and its day-to-day operation that are an example not only to companies in this region, but producers across the world.”

Special Award for International Recognition


Presented by the winner of  this year’s  Pro Chef Magazine sustainability champion award, the director of kitchens at the Radisson Blu Diera Creek  Uwe Micheel to Antonio El Sayegh, head of coporate communication at BASF.

He said: “The award is not significant unless you do the action behind it. Hopefully we have a lot of plans in sustainability, and we have strategy to deliver that.”

BASF is a world leading chemical company and one which has recognised its corporate responsibility to the environment and also supports campaigns in each of its operational regions.

Here in the UAE it is the main sponsor of The Eco-Schools programme, which engages children and young people in key issues including the environment, sustainability, global citizenship and the value of a low carbon future.


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BGreen Awards 2013: The Winners

More than 300 people attended one of the biggest evenings in the UAE last night for the BGreen Awards 2013.

The glittering ceremony at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai recognised the sustainability achievements of organisations across the country in 12 categories.

Among the guests were government delegations from Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), Dubai Municipality and Emirates Transport.

Addressing the audience at the beginning, DTCM’s Shaikha Ebrahim Al Mutawa who told the audience of her joy over the Expo 2020 win for Dubai, announced the previous evening. “The people are united, not just the emirates but all the nationalities,” she said.

Referring to the Expo bid’s focus on sustainability, she described the BGreen Awards as “a celebration of sustainability and rewarding those companies who have begun the journey – everyone is a winner.”

Introducing the evening BGreen senior editor Gary Wright told the audience: “This evening is about recognising achievements of organisations both large and small and while there can be only one winner in each category. Each of the finalists has my personal congratulations for their sustainability efforts in the past 12 months.”

BGreen Award Winners

(Click on the award to see winner’s reaction)

Most Sustainable Large Corporation,

Winner: Interface.

Runners Up:  Du and Unibeton


Contractor of the Year Award

Winner: Brookfield Multiplex

Runners up: Al Tayer and Arabtec


Green Building Project of the Year

Winner: The Change Intiative building in Barsha.

Runners Up: Dubai Electricity and Water Authority HQ at Al Quoz and Standard Chartered Bank by Brookfield Multiplex in Downtown Burj Khalifa


Energy Efficiency Project of the Year

Winner:  Green Energy Solutions and Sustainability LLC

Runners Up: Dubai Municipality (nominated by Philips) and Pacific Controls System


Sustainable Lighting Project of the Year

Winner: Lietcorp Middle East

Runners Up: iGuzzini (lighting architects) and Philips Lighting Middle East


Most Sustainable Non-Government Organisation

Winner: Emirates Wildlife Society in association with WWF (EWS-WWF)

Runners Up: The Clean Energy Business Council and Emirates Green Building Council


Sustainable Supplier of the Year

Winner: KONE

Runners Up: BASF and Unibeton


Most Sustainable Government Department

Winner: Emirates Transport

Runners Up: Dubai Electricity Water Authority and Dubai Municipality


Best Waste Management Company

Winner: Bee’ah

Runners Up:  Dulsco and Imdaad

Most Sustainable Small or Medium Business

Winner: Genesis Manazil Steel Framing

Runners Up: The Green Office Company and Union paper mills

Editor’s Choice



Special Award for International Recognition



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BGreen Awards 2013 finalists revealed.

The shortlist for the region’s leading sustainability awards next week have been revealed.

There are 11 categories for the BGreen Awards 2013 which will be held at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai on Thursday November 28.

There are three finalists in each category.

Most Sustainable Small or Medium Business,
The award aims to recognise the SME, which demonstrated a positive and clear sustainability strategy, especially those that made an early effort to adopt green policies.

Genesis Manazil Steel Framing
The Green Office Company
Union paper mills

Best Waste Management Company
This special award sought to identify high levels of waste management and sustainability while ensuring minimum disruption to the surrounding environment.

Most Sustainable Government Department
This award seeks to recognise a department that makes sustainability a top priority and passes that message to employees and the wider population of the UAE.
DEWA, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority
Dubai Municipality
Emirates Transport

Sustainable Lighting Project of the Year
This category is for the projects in the region that have the most sustainably designed lighting plans. Taking into consideration energy-efficiency, design and overall quality.
iGuzzini (lighting architects)
Lietcorp Middle East
Philips Lighting Middle East

Green Building Project of the Year
This award will recognise the project which has taken the most steps in ensuring the construction and successful establishment of a green building.
The Change Intiative building in Barsha.
The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority headquarters at Al Quoz
And the Standard Chartered Bank by Brookfield Multiplex in Downtown Burj Khalifa.

The Sustainable Supplier of the Year
All three of these nominees met the criteria for a supplier, which had committed significant resource to meet the sustainability requirements for its product.

Most Sustainable Non-Government Organisation
This category acknowledges the NGO which has helped increase awareness on environmental issues throughout the region.
The Clean Energy Business Council
Emirates Green Building Council

Energy Efficiency Project of the Year
Dubai Municipality (nominated by Philips)
Green Energy Solutions
Pacific Controls System

Contractor of the Year Award
Al Tayer
Brookfield Multiplex

Special Recognition for International Participation
To be announced on the night

Most Sustainable Large Corporation
This award acknowledges a large enterprise which has significantly transformed and adapted new a new business strategy in order to become more sustainable.




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“Quality not quantity” is the key to Sharjah green show, say exhibitors

The third Green Middle East environment management and technology exhibition at Expo Centre Sharjah attracted hundreds of visitors and BGreen went along to speak with exhibitors.

Green Middle East 2013 was billed as “bringing together key global players and regional majors keen to explore the industry”, the three-day event was held under the patronage of Sheikh Sultan and hosted by waste management experts Bee’ah.

His Highness Dr Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, opened the show, which was attended by Princess Basma Bint Ali, Royal Family of Jordan and Founder of the Royal Botanic Garden of Jordan; Dr Rashid Ahmed Bin Fahad, UAE Minister of Environment and Water; Saif Mohammed Al Midfa, CEO, Expo Centre Sharjah; Khalid Al Huraimel, Group CEO of Bee’ah, — The Sharjah Environment Co., Ragheb Alama, Arab celebrity and UNEP goodwill ambassador, and government officials and industry representatives.

The three-day exhibition and conference at the Expo Centre Sharjah ran from October 28 to 30 with a full conference programme with a key focus on waste management and energy conservation.

Alongside the conferences which attracted hundreds of visitors, one exhibition hall had stands from some of the most influential players in the GCC green market.

Zaki Siddiqui is the managing partner of the General Machinery Agency who has been selling waste collection machinery for more than 40 years and he was full of praise for the Sharjah show.

“What you get here is quality, everyone who visits has an interest in the industry and there is a lot of expertise,” said Siddiqui, who is the main agent for the UAE, as well as Afghanistan and Iraq.

Standing alongside one of the Johnson Sweeper conversions, based on a Volvo chassis, Siddiqui points out that rubbish, cleaning and waste collection in Al Ain are all carried out by CMA-supplied equipment.

“This is a good show and as customers become more specific in their clean-up requirements, I go to them and ask first: ‘What do you want your equipment to do?’ from there once I understand their needs I can provide the right machine.”

Palletco the UAE’s only manufacturer of industrial plastic packaging was at Green Middle East keen to explain the benefits of plastic over wood, which is often considered ‘sustainable’.

Sales manager Malik Akhtar said the show offered an ideal platform to explain the company’s philosophy and meet buyers.

He told BGreen: “We are the only manufacturer in the UAE and distribute across the GCC.

“For things like pallets many people consider wood, especially if they are told that it is sustainable. But the fact is that a lot of this wood comes from Asian countries and it is ar easier to get a certificate saying the product comes from sustainable sources, when in fact  that’s true for as little as 20%.”

He explained that all of the polypropylene and polystyrene used by Palletco is recycled. The company recently celebrated its 10th birthday and employs 150 people in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

“We produce more than 100 products, from pallets and crates to pallet boxes and waste bins,” said Akhtar. “We use plastic pellets which we buy from recyclers mainly in the region and our success means we are building a new facility between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.”

Akhtar said that the plastic products it produces really are sustainable. “Firstly, they are made from recycled plastic, secondly they will last for two years, while wood is often discarded after one use, and thirdly, our products can be recycled again. In fact we offer to take and recycle from our customers.”

Green initiatives

Emirates Transport (ET) had a lot to demonstrate at the show and the organisation responsible for all the school transport across the UAE.

It operates more than 12,000 vehicles across the country and each year 15,000 tyres were being dumped into landfill and ET has turned that around in year with its retreading scheme.

Now ET has reduced the tyres to landfill by almost half and at the Sharjah show it demonstrated how it worked.

Pramod Karuthedath is the factory manager who said:”Tyres are worn out by 25,000km but the tyre carcass is good for 50,000km and that means they can receive a new tread.”

He explained the process of removal of the old rubber, ensuring the wire reinforcement is not rusted or weakened and then turning it int a new tyre in the Malaysian curing chamber that can turn out 24 ‘new’ tyres every two-and-a-half hours.

But Karuthedath said inspections was vital to ensure there was no damage to the orginal arcass, if there is, it is thrown away. He said: “Safety is a priority and while we can repair some damage, there are strict guidelines on what can be reused.”

And there is a huge saving as well both in terms of money and carbon emissions: a new tyre costs AED1,300, the cost of a re-treaded tyre is AED450, that’s 70% plus carbon emissions are 30% lower.

Visitors to the show were genuinely appreciative of the scheme by ET, which is the biggest producer of scrap tyres in the emirates thanks to its huge fleet.

But it was not just tyres that ET brought to the show: It also displayed its conversions for running vehicles to run on compressed natural gas (CNG).

ET was explaining the conversion for vehicles to run on CNG instead of petrol already fitted to 3,000 of its own vehicle fleet as well as 500 taxis and 500 police vehicles.

It also provides technical maintenance services for CNG converted vehicles in addition to all related support services through a cadre of qualified professionals working in the corporation’s CNG conversion centres, in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC).

And ET was showing off its waterless vehicle washing. Utilising a liquid which lifts dirt, wipes off and leaves a polished surface, saves around 250 litres of water on each wash and the compound (produced in the USA by Freedom) is environmentally friendly.

“We use it on our own vehicles, Emirates University vehicles and those vehicles at Emirates Palace, including the VIP cars and limousines,” said Ata Said Ali Mohammad, ET’s head of sales.


Green Middle East was held from October 28 at the Sharjah Expo Centre, today would be the final day of the exhibition.

For more information on the exhibition, click here.


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DSCE honours winners at the Emirates Energy Award

Emirates Energy Award (EEA), was held on October 27 organised by the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy at Grand Hyatt hotel in Dubai. HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, Vice Chairman of the Supreme Council of Energy said: “The Award highlights best global experiences and practices that enhance the rational use of energy, promote the sustainable use of alternative clean resources, reduce dependence on traditional resources to mitigate environmental pollution, strengthen the role of institutions and individuals, and raise awareness on the importance of rationalised use of energy and environmental protection.

“The Dubai Supreme Council of Energy is striving to put these directives, initiatives and ambitious strategies into action; an example of which is the launch of the Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030. This aims to diversify our energy sources to comprise a mix of 71% from natural gas, 12% from nuclear power, 12% from clean coal and 5% from solar energy by 2030,”.

The Award, distributed every two years, honoured the winners of the different categories as follows:

  • Large Energy Project: The Gold Award was presented to the Morocco-based NAREVA Holding; the Shams Power Company (United Arab Emirates) was honoured with the Silver Award, while the Bronze award was given to the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA).
  • Small Energy Project: The Gold Award was given to the Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company ‘du’ (United Arab Emirates); the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry was honoured with the Silver Award, while the Bronze award was given to Empower Company (United Arab Emirates).
  • Energy Efficiency for Public Sector: The Gold Award was given to Masdar (United Arab Emirates); RTA was honoured with the Silver Award (United Arab Emirates), while the Bronze award was given to RasGas (State of Qatar).
  • Energy Efficiency for Private Sector: The Gold Award was given to Al-Futtaim Group Real Estate (United Arab Emirates); the Arab Contractors Company was honoured with the Silver Award (Egypt), while the Bronze award was given to ABB/ Al-Khaleej Sugar Company (United Arab Emirates).
  • Education Energy Award: The Gold Award was given to the Friends of Environment Society (Jordan); Dr. Hanan Talib was honoured with the Silver Award (United Arab Emirates), while the Bronze award was given to HSBC Bank (United Arab Emirates).
  • Research & Development Award: The Gold Award was given to Ayman Adnan Almaitah (Jordan); the University of Bahrain was honoured with the Silver Award (Kingdom of Bahrain), while the Bronze award was given to the Nitrate Production System (Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan).
  • Young Professional Energy Award: The Gold Award was given to Abdul Aziz Al Obaidli (United Arab Emirates); Mahmoud Shatel (Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan) was honoured with the Silver Award, while the Bronze award was given to Aisha Ali, Aya Abu Hani and Noora Rashed Al Kaizi (United Arab Emirates).
  • A Special Recognition Award was awarded to the organisations that succeeded in reducing energy consumption, including: Saudi Aramco (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia); Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Sports Complex; Dubai Investment Park (United Arab Emirates); Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme; Emirates Transport, for the use of clean transportation fuels; Dubai Silicon Oasis; and Drydocks World (United Arab Emirates).



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