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Delta Faucet Company receives Estidama recognition

Delta Faucet Company, manufacturers of residential and commercial products, has successful registered with Estidama, the sustainable building and construction standard authority in Abu Dhabi, to help boost sustainable design in the UAE.

Delta® brand products will now be featured on the Estidama Villa Product Database (EVPD) which is compliant with the Pearl Villa Rating System (PVRS) requirements. The database, created to help villa owners, consultants, contractors, assessors and other relevant stakeholders, will allow them to choose from products that encourage water use efficiency.  The Delta® brand has placed a high priority on products that address today’s environment concerns such as accessibility to water, water conservation and water quality.

Ross Jackson, General Manager Delta Faucet Company, said: “There has been a genuine drive in the region to encourage sustainability in all areas of development.  The determination comes from the eminent water crisis that looms over the region due to population growth and the depletion of our groundwater reserves. For this very reason, project developers and contractors are taking more and more strides to ensure that they are using the right water fixtures that are both modern and help them meet their conservation needs. Now that we have been recognised by Estidama, information about our innovative product range will be available to everyone so they do not have to compromise on experience whilst conserving water.”

The EVPD will be accessible by all who are involved in villa projects in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, including but not limited to villa owners, consultants, contractors, assessors, municipality inspectors, etc.


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