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Utico to set up coal-fired power plant in Namibia

Namibia signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Utico Middle East, the GCC’s largest private full service utility and solutions provider, for the establishment of a $300 million coal-fired power plant in its Okakkura Governorate. The agreement was signed this week between Ruurd Abma, Managing Director of Utico Middle East, and Justus Ve, CEO of AFRES Pty.

Presently, Namibia is highly dependent on South Africa for its power requirements, importing more than 40% of its power needs from its neighbours. Generation from within the country has become increasingly difficult as the flow in the Kunene River has been variable, making hydro-power generation unpredictable. The establishment of the new plant will therefore be huge step forward for the Namibia to reduce its burgeoning power bills and cut subsidy. The project entails the development of a 150MW increased to 300MW power plant in the African state.
The Namibian government will provide the coal to Utico Middle East that will be utilised to generate clean, low-priced power for its citizens. All power generated in the plant will be sold to Namibia Power Corporation (NAM Power), the government-run power utilities company. In addition to the development of the power plant, Utico will also set up a transmission network to distribute the power across the country.

The development closely follows another major announcement made last week by Utico to set up the world’s largest solar-powered desalination facility in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. Once complete, the plant will generate more than 83 million litres of potable water per day and 20 MW of solar power per hour.




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