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Bee’ah to Launch Air Quality Management Programme

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has indicated that air contaminants, caused by industrial, household and automobile emissions, are health hazards to urban populations. The WHO estimates that around 370 deaths are caused by poor air quality each year.

Bee’ah, the Middle East’s award winning waste management company, is set to launch Sharjah’s first ever air quality management programme.

Bee’ah will sponsor a continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring (AAQM) programme, measuring greenhouse gas emissions and particulate matter in the atmosphere across residential, commercial, industrial and mixed-use areas of Sharjah.

“Bee’ah is growing beyond waste services and adopting a more holistic approach to environmental management,” said Khalid Al Huraimel, Group Chief Executive Officer, Bee’ah. “The project will determine the highest concentrations of atmospheric pollutants across Sharjah, with a focus on densely populated areas. As air quality directly affects public health, being able to monitor emissions is the first step in ensuring a cleaner, healthier city.”

Data produced by the AAQM system will be assessed and shared with Sharjah City Municipality, the UAE Ministry of Environment and Water, and American University of Sharjah, among other key stakeholders.

When completed, data collected from the AAQM network will also be shared with the public through a specialised web portal. “The AAQM project demonstrates Bee’ah’s commitment to the environment and to the wellbeing of our society. Awareness of key environmental issues, such as air quality, is the only way that we will build a secure and sustainable future for our community,” said Al Huraimel.

The AAQM project was announced at Green Middle East yesterday, hosted by Bee’ah at Sharjah Expo, the region’s premier exhibition for the environment, now in its third year.



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